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    An ITAR Registered Company SBA


We specialize in the fabrication and assembly of High Quality Precision Sheet Metal parts along with small CNC machined parts and have achieved "World Class" aerospace quality certification.

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ISO9001:2015 / AS9100:2016 Certification

Manufacture of Precision Sheet Metal Parts, Machining and Assembly


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NADCAP Chemical Processing

AC7108 Rev I - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Chemical Processing Anodizing - AMS 2471 Anodizing - MIL-A-8625 Conversion/Phosphate Coatings - AMS 2473 Conversion/Phosphate Coatings - AMS 2474 Conversion/Phosphate Coatings - MIL-C-5541 Chemical Cleaning - Acid Cleaning Chemical Cleaning - Alkaline Cleaning Chemical Cleaning - Emulsion Cleaning Chemical Cleaning - Solvent Cleaning Surface Treatment/Passivation - ASTM A 380 Surface Treatment/Passivation - QQ-P-35 AC7108/1 - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Painting & Dry Film Coating MIL-C-22750 MIL-C-85285 MIL-P-23377 MIL-P-85582


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NADCAP Heat Treating

AC7102 - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Heat Treating

Aluminum Alloys - Customer specs Aluminum Alloys - Industry specs Aluminum Alloys - Other

AC7102/5 - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Materials Testing - Hardness and/or Conductivity Testing Hardness - Rockwell.


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NADCAP Non Destructive Testing

AS7114 - SAE Aerospace Standards for Non Destructive Testing


Customer Approved Processes

List of current Customer Approved Processes that we perform