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About Us

Code of Ethics

CYGNUS is committed to the application of high ethical standards in all our relationships; between our employees, our customers and in our community. Integrity and ethics live and exist in the individual. They must be upheld by individuals, at each instant large or small or they are not upheld at all. The code of ethics stated below is for our benefit; to rely on as a constitution of purpose, of commitment and as a means of attaining profitability and longevity.

1. Teamwork is based on trust and honesty. Cooperation and participation in all our work relations is essential. Make it a nice day today by giving your fellow employee and our customers a helping hand.

2. Our work environment is of our own making. We all contribute to and maintain it. Difficulties will always exist and even sometimes persist. A cheerful positive steadfast effort towards overcoming these obstacles as a cooperative, considerate team member is our goal.

3. Truthful, credible and accurate use of information and data in what we say and write is an essential ingredient in good ethical decision making. Good decisions require good information.

4. Constructive comments, ideas and criticism are all welcomed and should be made with the intent of looking for a better way or an improved method. Constructive criticism should be made in an open face-to-face manner. Criticism not in the presence of the individual is destructive, does not promote trust, teamwork or improved productivity.

5. The efficient quality performance of our tasks, assignments and responsibilities is necessary for our continued growth and financial success. It is our responsibility to perform these tasks in a reliable and superior manner.

6. CYGNUS believes in Total Quality Assurance of its products. Each employee is responsible for the quality of work within their span of control. Minimizing mistakes is a requirement of good business. Failing to correct a situation is an even greater mistake.

7. The wise and economical use and protection of all our corporate assets is the responsibility of each employee. Our entrusted assets are our means of strength and survival in the business world.

8. Ethical "means" is the code by which we live, work and act. The "ends" do not justify the " means." In the long run, believing in the "ends only" will erode and collapse teamwork and, therefore, be detrimental to ongoing productivity.

9. All of our activities require a consciousness to be law abiding and forthright to our fellow employees, our customers, our community and to our local, state and federal authorities.

10. All employees of this Corporation, by federal law are entitled to equal and fair treatment regardless of race, creed, color, sex and religion.

CYGNUS's teamwork management style fosters cooperation, participation, open communication, cheerfulness, a high degree of recognition and responsibility, and an extra helping hand. Exceptional quality performance is the standard. Integrity and high standards of ethics require hard work, courage and difficult choices. Open discussion is welcomed in determining proper courses of actions. The daily practice of integrity and ethics may sometimes require us to forego certain business opportunities. In the long run, however, we will be better served by doing what is right than what, at the time, may be expedient.